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About Us

Helping Cattle Producers Succeed

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Facility Improvements

Since acquiring the auction October 1, 2021, the following facility improvements have been completed.


  • Large project: Addition of second trailer unloading and several additional holding pens.

  • Regrading of north parking lot and water drainage in pens directly east of new unloading operation.

  • Kitchen/cafe updates and improvements (i.e., upgraded electrical, upgraded plumbing, new cooking equipment, improved lighting).

  • North and South shack improvements.

  • Continued improved fencing in alley ways.



  • Remodeling and updating restrooms.

  • Interior painting.

  • Improved air handling and heating/cooling of arena.

  • Remodel of auction block.

  • General yard cleanup.

  • Improved fencing in alley ways.

  • Improved outdoor lighting.

  • Improved security systems (i.e., cameras).


  • New exterior paint and roof.

  • Polishing all existing tile floors.

  • Remodel of offices.

  • Improved arena lighting.

  • Implementation of state of the art computer/video technology in arena and office.

  • Online video bidding-Cattle USA.

  • Wifi accessibility for buyers and sellers

Our Story

Jan Tien and Kelly Tien own and operate the Norton Livestock Market as of October 1, 2021. Jan, building on his 40 plus years of livestock experience, manages the day-to-day operations of the auction and is primarily responsible for developing relationships with cattle producers and buyers. Jan also supervises the operations of the auction on Thursday sale days. Kelly, along with his wife Jayne, devote their time to ensuring that cattle producers are timely paid for their hard work, handle a variety of administrative matters, and manage relationships with state and federal regulators.


At Norton Livestock Market we want to ensure that the livestock marketing needs of area cattle producers are well provided for. It is our intention to build upon the legacy of our father Clarence Tien, who operated and owned the livestock auction for over 44 years.


Since we acquired the auction, we have completed several improvements in order to better serve our customers. In addition to the facility improvements summarized elsewhere on this page, we have expanded our marketing activities in print and online media (in addition to radio) and we maintain this web site at Our goal is to effectively promote producers' livestock in the broadest means possible.

We plan to continue to identify ways in which we can improve our promotional activities, facilities and processes for the benefit of area cattle producers and the community.

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