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on Cattle USA

Helping Cattle Producers Succeed

View our sales on Cattle USA

Pre-Registration on the Cattle USA website is required by noon central time the day before the sale (i.e., register by noon on Wednesday). We will notify you when approved or, if additional information is needed, we will contact you primarily via email.

We ordinarily will not be able to approve buyers on the day of the sale.

Buyers, sellers and cattle producers who are not able to attend our Thursday sales may view and bid on cattle selling at Norton Livestock Market

Instructions to set up bid account for Cattle USA:

  1. Go to cattleusa website (use the button on this page).

  2. Create a user name and password, go to the Norton Livestock Market sale page.

  3. Click on the button, enter your information, press the proceed button and wait to be approved. You will not be able to bid until approved.

  4. We approve all buyers to make purchases online. Those who do not have a prior credit history at Norton Livestock Market may need to provide additional information for approval.

Note: We will not approve any buyers who do not complete all the fields provided for in the Cattle USA data entry unless we have prior collection or financial history with you or your company.

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